Dia de los Muertos Fabric Altar 2014

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Hollywood Forever Cemetery's Dia de los Muertos festival in 2014: 12 hours, over 2000 collaborative artists, 35 brushes and only two broken brushes, at Altar #86! Coordinators and skeleton panel artists: Gleny Schultz, Beatrix Zilanskas, Marquita Takei, Margaret Zumwinkle, John Marchena, Will Jimenez, Doug Bland, Young Summers, Ann Zumwinkle. Check out this event's DAYTIME Flickr [...]

An Altar to the Comfort Women

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For the Sacred Memories 2014 group exhibition, an installation of our Comfort Women painting, watched over by Dokkebi monsters painted by the general public at Perform Chinatown. This altar was placed on the wall, and public participants helped paint 2 long "table runner" scrolls, with new monsters and messages for our girl. Thanks to Pat [...]

Straight Line Obstacle Course!

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166 participants, drawing lines as straight as they can, on a 50 foot length of blue paper. End result is a river of activity, mirroring the excitement of the motion of bicycles taking over the streets of Los Angeles on CicLAvia Sunday. The obstacles were sometimes rocks, sometimes pieces of candy, and sometimes [...]

Perform Chinatown 2014

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On a long scroll of brown kraft paper, Urban Crop Circle [Young Summers, Ann Zumwinkle & team] created individual personal "Dokkaebi" goblins, painting jointly with festival attendees, who then wore their own Dokkaebi scrolls on their backs, protecting them from all evil. Each scroll painting got an exhibition label on verso, with a little red dot [...]

Artists’ Books and Cookies

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The LA Times Festival of Books @ USC book was displayed at the Artists' Books and Cookies group show, held at Ooga Twooga gallery in East Downtown LA.  (It sat on the fragile books table.)

CicLAvia Bike Path (Wilshire and Western)

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Still working with Sumi Ink Club's basic concept of a single medium (sumi ink) and one single sheet of community paper/canvas ,initially adding bike tire marks to huge scroll at Wilshire and Western during CicLAvia day!

Bike Art Show @ Dairy Arts Center in Boulder

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[ December 5 2013 - January 17 2014 ] Our collaboratively-painted scroll from the recent CicLAvia event went on display at a Bike Art group exhibition, and won an Honorable Mention for Community Projects. Presented by the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder Colorado. Flickr photos of the Bike Art exhibition here. Scroll paper: 30" x 35' [...]

Sumi Ink Club at CicLAvia (Little Tokyo)

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The Big Draw LA @ CicLAvia w/the Sumi Ink Club (Young Summers & Ann Zumwinkle) On October 6, 2013 during the City of Los Angeles' recent CicLAvia biking event over 280 participants jumped off their bikes picked up a brush and jointly added their thoughts, doodles, and brushstrokes in black sumi ink to a long [...]

CicLAvia (at Wilshire and Western)

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Across the street from the Wiltern, at CicLAvia. Thanks to SheilaO, JoeJ, ShaneS, MarkP and LaurenP for coming and posing, along with other biking strangers who stopped by....

Mulholland “Derive” (LA Road Concerts)

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Painting portraits with the general public, up on Mulholland Drive for the with Stephan Van Dyck's Mulholland "Derive" LA Road Concert (until we were kicked out by the National Park Service, durn!). Young Summers and Ann Zumwinkle were primary artists, and collaborators on our Overlook stop included the legendary Sheree Rose, the Dirty Chaps, DumDumZine [...]