The scenic skyline of the San Pedro ports was the backdrop for a collaborative project with live musicians Doug Bland and Tom Penrod of The Dirty Chaps, at the former Army barracks site located throughout Angel’s Gate Cultural Center during the SoundPedro 2018 Festival

Urban Crop Circle participants created an effigy of St. Sebastian commemorating his name day of June 2nd using white cloth for the fallen body with a gold metal halo and illuminated with bright lights which glimmered at night. Wielding brushes dipped in black sumi ink, approx. 50 artists of all ages joined in the symbolic “stabbing” of the image referencing the saint’s martyrdom story. An outline of the internal body was created by positioning open encyclopedia books set with decorative stones. St. Sebastian bled out by the evening; fabric unfolded to generate an additional 4 pieces of artwork resembling the Shroud of Turin.