[ May 12 to 27, 2014 ]

Opening (surprise) event: Thursday May 15, 6pm-9pm

Michael Dooley’s review/interview of the Poster Roast show in Print Magazine blog.

Images of Exhibition Opening by Jeff Tsuji

Once upon a time in the fairly recent future, the seminal street poster artist Robbie Conal decided to leave the warmth of his Los Angeles mothership. His friends and students commiserated/celebrated by collaborating on this series of affectionate, inventive “Conal” posters….. of the affectionate, inventive Robbie Conal.

Michael Arata
Vera Armand
Roger Bertoldi
Jonathan Bickhart
Lucy Blake
Mauro Caputo
Benjamin Cortez
Chieko Fosterling
Kio Griffith
Doug Harvey
Joanne Jaffe
Tulsa Kinney
Kai Landworth
Sean Michael Leis-Beck
John Marchena
Jonathan Marcial
Paty Mejorado
Young Lee Prasad
Anthony Ramirez
Giancarlo Ranaudo
Gleny Schultz
Anna Siqueiros
Karen Sochar
Lindsay Sochar
Young Summers
Marquita Takei
Giovanna Tringali
Jeff Tsuji
Sharon Wright
Brian Young
Beatrix Zilinskas
Ann Zumwinkle

see more at wlacgallery.org/robbie-conal/