Collaborative painting in Marietta Ohio during their annual Ohio River Sternwheel Festival. Prepped the length of paper scroll to with blue/green watercolor and we painted a river together! Scroll rolls up and lives inside a collaged box….

These painting projects take a life of their own: the end-products look crazed and unruly, elbows are thrown, old people giggle and young children cry, ink is spilt and hands are slapped…. The intent is to create an environment that subliminally teaches empathy, via collaborating in an unexpected way, via learning a new language (paint on paint next to paint), via being a small/big part of a greater singular whole….

2 coordinating artists (AnnZ and LindaV), and approx. 35 collaborating public.

Thank you to the Sternwheel Festival Executive Committee, DonB, LindaV, and DougB!