Oct 24, 2015 Р Saturday 12noon to 12midnight
Come and be a dead person in our awesome yarn coffin, at Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s Dia de los Muertos festival, tomorrow Saturday! We’ll be at Altar space #86 noon to midnight, painting together to honor our family and friends’ passings this year….

We lay out many tables and a canopy draped with many yards of muslin fabric, rising up out of a large book. We set out brushes and black sumi calligraphy ink, and ask festival attendees to paint their own illustrations and remembrances onto the fabric. Thousands of visitors add their love and share their personal stories. We will also set up a coffin made of yarn, that festival-goers can stand inside, near the fabric altar.

Painting Stats: approx 85 feet of fabric, 450ml ink, 7 coordinators, 3000 collaborators! Only 8 brushes missing!

Yarn Coffin built by John Marchena, Young Summers, Youngseon Yun, Gleny Schultz, Ron Schultz, Marquita Takei, Chieko Chai Fosterling, Ann Zumwinkle, Margaret Zumwinkle, Pat Mace in honor of this year’s Huichol Indian Art theme.