Christchurch NZ, hard hit by two earthquakes 2010 and 2011. Their center of town is completely destroyed and there’s tons of new building and renovation development projects, huge cranes, empty buildings, temporary structures, and stark, empty lots, all throughout downtown. This is what LA will look like after our earthquake. Interspersed throughout are wonderful temporary and permanent installations and murals, lots referencing the destruction and loss of life. TAKE NOTE, ANGELENOS!

Found a Tokonoma Scroll at an amazing thrift store, WanakaWastebusters. Bought some ink and brushes in Christchurch.

Staying at Breakfree on Cashel, a small modern hotel, with siding of salvage wood and neon lighting.

Drive thru Sumner (fantastic FishAndChips) and Lytleton, to track down a Japanese restaurant for a translation of Tokonoma scroll (“Be Generous” and poem).

Painting event on Tokonoma scroll with 20 strangers and bar/restaurant staff, including bartenders Jimmy and Jone and Oliver the chef, and two excitable German women travelers.