Last year at Hollywood Forever Cemetery’s Dia de los Muertos festival, painting skeletons and skulls and warm loving goodbyes to friends and family on a big fabric altar #86.

This year in honor of the theme of printmaker artist Jose Posada, we built a stuctured Catrina doll figure in front of our fabric altar, so visitors could pose on it as well as in the yarn coffin. Lots to do!

Maybe 1000 collaborators this year. Met the owner of Hollywood Forever. 90 feet of fresh clean muslin to paint on, along with the 300 feet from prior years….. lovely!

Coordinating artists: John Marchena, Ann Zumwinkle, Cliff Johnson, Margaret Zumwinkle, Riva Goldman, Judy Cobb, Doug Bland, with assistance from the usual gang and photography by Terry Howick and Jonathan Howick.

Photography Gallery by Terry Howick: