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Estimates of the Hyderabadi population in Karachi range between 20,000 and 200,000 today.[21] The main neighbourhoods where the Hyderabadi migrants in Karachi initially settled were Hyderabad Colony, Bahadurabad and Laiqabad.[22] In 2007, a replica of the famous Charminar monument in Hyderabad was built at the main crossing of Bahadurabad.[23] Some notable Pakistani people who migrated from the former Hyderabad State include Muhammad Raziuddin Siddiqui, Syed Mohammad Ahsan, Asif Iqbal Razvi, Waheed Yar Khan, and Anwar Maqsood. I was brought up in Hyd, so i tend to prefer hyd to chennai but still chennai is not a bad place. The native language of the Hyderabadi Muslims is Hyderabadi Urdu, which is a form of the Dakhini language. Guys thanks for sharing your thoughts, opinions and experiences. Islam in Hyderabad, with historical patronizing by the rulers, has a strong Sufi influence. This lasted until 1321, when the Kakatiya dynasty was annexed by Malik Kafur, Allaudin Khalji's general.[11] During this period, Alauddin Khalji took the Koh-i-Noor diamond, which is said to have been mined from the Kollur Mines of Golkonda, to Delhi.[12] Muhammad bin Tughluq succeeded to the Delhi sultanate in 1325, bringing Warangal under the rule of the Tughlaq dynasty until 1347 when Ala-ud-Din Bahman Shah, a governor under bin Tughluq, rebelled against Delhi and established the Bahmani Sultanate in the Deccan Plateau, with Gulbarga, 200 km (124 mi) west of Hyderabad, as its capital. It was chennai one of the biggest metropolitan city in india. You may probably think its unfair to compare our cities to US or European cities, but if we want to be recognized as 'world class' lets do it. Hyderabad: Cost of living is less.accessing place for north indians.Bomb Blast is been highest in Hyderabad.Extreme cold and hot weather respectively. Hyderabad is the best place when compared to banglore and chennai.Hyderabad has many historic places to visit and great architectural buildings. The period of Nizams saw a growth of literary growth since after printing was introduced in Hyderabad. While Hyderabadi Muslims take pride in their "Nawabi" language, literature, poetry, architecture, and cuisine. In 2017, Urdu was declared the second official language of the state of Telangana. The HMDA is an apolitical urban planning agency that covers the GHMC and its suburbs, extending to 54 mandals in five districts encircling the city. Bang.. Cmon it hurts to ask the conductor everytime... Really??Even Hyderabad and Bangalore have only one airport each - the old ones are not functional.Also, Hyderabad is dominated by Telugu and Hindi movies - all the others are showcased rarely, university of north carolina mfa creative writing unlike Chennai(Yes!) or Bangalore.Just my two cents... I think one's attachment to a place is purely pyschological. The material is usually silk or wool. Peace be upon every1…bengaluru rocks anyday… !! And the point is most of the deluxe class buses have normal fares... I may have sounded harsh…im sorry ..but me being a kannadiga…& havin grown up along with the Rapid development bangalore has seen ..& yet accommodating every other outsider for his/her career objectives , greener pastures etc etc…u ppl gotta have som gratitude & give back something atleast to our city instead of criticizing…wich has given you outsiders a lot ..& to all those ppl u dnt respect our land, lang , ppl etc…we don’t care a damn ..n its high time we chhuckk few of em out n clean the mess ..

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Hi Neelam,Thanks for the comment and sharing your experiences. If u want to see places, u can go to marina beach, besant nagar beach ,mahabalipuram which is 1.5 hrs from chennai,then you have Mayajaal in thoraipakkam which has a mulitplex and sports village, u have INOX, Sathyam theatre etc. First of all, the heat, during the summer, sometimes unbearable, and dust and smoke of the traffic going haywire most irritating. Hyderabadi Muslims today, refer to the Urdu speaking Muslim community, from the 1801 landlocked princely state of Hyderabad, who developed a distinct cultural identity from other Dakhini Muslims.[24] Even though the princely state of Hyderabad had once reached the southernmost points of India, it's the culture from the known landlocked territories of the Nizam, that constitutes Hyderabadi Muslim culture, while the Dakhini Muslims of the Carnatic, and the Circars, developed their own distinct culture, and culinary tradition.[25] The Chaush community, even though they speak Urdu, and live in the erstwhile Hyderabad State, are usually not considered Hyderabadi Muslims, since they came recently to the region. Not if they follow the same pattern of these 3 cities. Apart from big beaches in chennai there are smaller parks which need serious attention however parks in blore are nicely maintained .. I agree traffic is a issue in bangalore..but d roads;trees both sides, paintings on almost all compounds or walls roadside, clean safe new busses, etc r awsum.. The party claims to represent the interests of Muslims by campaigning for greater protection of minority rights.[29] A rival breakaway faction of the AIMIM is the Majlis Bachao Tehreek that also claims to represent the interests of Muslims in Hyderabad. There are too many eat out options with Andhra food widely available (Nandhini, Mayura, Nagarjuna being popular), Shanti Sagar chain is good in vegetarian with good mix of south / north Indian delicacies. I would say that Chennai is a good and secure place compared to the other 2. Appreciate the good things told about Chennai.But travelling in chennai is very costly.The discourteous auto wallas,the dirty roads and the locals who do not have a civic sense. Copyright © 2019 Bennett, Coleman & Co. The corporators elect the Mayor, who is the titular head of GHMC; executive powers rest with the Municipal Commissioner, appointed by the state government. The State Bank Group, with over 16,000 branches, has the largest banking branch network in India. Hyderabad emerged as the foremost centre of culture in India with the decline of the Mughal Empire in the mid-19th century, with artists migrating to the city from the rest of the Indian subcontinent. It is a house for most famous & biggest companies & businessman. Moreover chennai when compared to other cities has to highest number of political parties varying from caste, religion and legacy. This has its pluses too; you need not adhere to the traffic lights and be flexible yet careful. In Bangalore, i could walk hours without sweating and straining and thoughts of being hit by vehicles. Can't even compare d two cities... It showcases a diverse array of architectural styles, from the Baroque Harem to its Neoclassical royal court.

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Due to various reasons, AP, KE and KA never really took this issue seriously in 1960s, for political support, whereas in TN it became the single most factor to power. At the professional level, the city has hosted national and international sports events such as the 2002 National Games of India, the 2003 Afro-Asian Games, the 2004 AP Tourism Hyderabad Open women's tennis tournament, the 2007 Military World Games, the 2009 World Badminton Championships and the 2009 IBSF World Snooker Championship. Bangalore is good for its climate(Climate change is happening now) and better forwarded living. I love Hyderabad. Its a cool place, less commercial. Darshini system is the best in India. Bangalore is more posh, clean, modern & hi-tech city. Metro is another feather. To dis, a hybrid Volvo bus has already started trial run for city transport making eco frndly n eff transport.... Thanks all for your comments.@ Logesh: Chennai is at sea level while Bangalore is on a hill...@ anjelo:I think I should bow to the majority opinion about Helmet as a Pro... What's wrong in having temples? Even the other 2 have good temples. Whatta fun!Since i was in bangalore previously, we used to spend time, anytime, anyday, in any of the available gardens for a breath of fresh air. The techniques used for surgery are modern enabling the patients to recover fast. Its good happening place for weekends and night outs. Hahahaa... this article makes the debate of which place is best for them. I wanted to write more but space does not permit so here is the separate entry for each city...Hyderabad:I feel ppl in Hyd have a more laidback, chalta-hai attitude (transitioned from its nawabi culture) which is clearly visible in its lack of civic sense, traffic sense. Here is a objective assessment of the three cities with rating out of 5 (1 being the worst, 5 being the best) Hyderabad Bangalore ChennaiClimate *** **** **Cosmopolitan **** *** **Heritage & Culture **** *** ****Civic Administration ** **** ***Education, Healthcare *** **** ****Science & Research *** **** **Monuments & Tourism **** ** ***Temples / Worship places *** **** *****Movies / Entertainment **** *** ****Eat-out / Hang-out *** **** ***Pubs / Bars / Discos *** ***** **Sightseeing / Weekend **** **** ***Business Climate *** **** ***Livelihood Opportunities *** ***** ****Transparency ** *** ***Drinking Water & Sewerage ** *** **Govt. I am pretty sure in most of the buses in Chennai its written in Eng... Lack of even one can deny us of the freedom to live life to the fullest.

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I visit Chennai often, Chennai is disciplined compared to Hyd, the auto guys are irritating in Chennai.Hyd is far more cleaner than Chennai. Well experienced and friendly doctors explained everything and did my nose surgery. About 3.7% of the slum children aged 5–14 do not go to school and 3.2% work as child labour, of whom 64% are boys and 36% are girls. India is shining and will shine in days to come....chennai,bangalore and hyderabad are equally good in its own sphere and all of them are second to none in whole of india....let the comments continue and i love critics of each and every cities....for me CHENNAI will rock ever.....but MADRAS is still peppy to heart.......!!! Movie theaters are any day best in Hyd with great facilities at a fraction of the cost. Lots of things have changed since I first wrote this article. We diagnose the cause and provide you with the best possible treatment. The services and hospitality are very good. We have made restaurants menu price comparing website http://comparefoodprice.comCurrently perhaps the only website for finding cheapest restaurants nearby. Nothing wrong in not knowing hindi. Metro train only on bridge. BPO is good ,software and Pharma business is best. Bangalore is the worst place in India. I work in an office in Marathalli but stay in Mathikere, and trust me, its simply not possible to get a bus without much crowd in this route.

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