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Discusses how to implement marketing programs strategically and tactically using online communications tools. Examines entry-level sales careers in retailing, wholesaling, services, and industrial selling. Provides instruction for students who require minimum preparation for college-level Statistical Reasoning. Guides students in the development of individual voice and style. Focuses on chairside assisting in general dentistry at two different clinical sites. Catharine Strong graduated summa cum laude from Colgate University with a BA in English Literature and a minor in Film and Media Studies. Provides the student an opportunity to implement care coordination and manage resources to support patient care. Introduces the ultrastructure and functions of cells. She also holds an M.A. in Creative Writing from Ohio University, where she focused on poetry and creative non-fiction/memoir writing. Introduces students to leadership theories and skills. He also was the first college-wide Director of Communications for the four-campus Tidewater Community College. Uses modern test equipment for measurement, adjustment, and troubleshooting electrical and electronic systems. He was Senior Editor at Vanity Fair, Features Director at The New Yorker, and Editor in Chief at Brill’s Content. Explores physiologic effects of advanced mechanical ventilation. Prerequisites or Co-requisites: DNA 100, DNA 103, and DNA 108. Not only is it basically a no-cost option but it helps science and learning as well. Prerequisite: Current Virginia EMT and CPR certification as approved by the Virginia Office of EMS. Studies proper preparation of various legal documents, including legal memoranda, letters, and pleadings. Includes some degree of exposure to microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts. Computational Quantum Physics in 2006.

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Provides supervised direct patient contact introducing the student to the assessment and emergency care of sick and injured patients. Introduces cultural knowledge and increases understanding of the Deaf Community. Focus of health data collection, storage, retrieval and reporting systems, with emphasis on the role of the computer in accomplishing these functions. He has taught for over thirty years as Professor of Creative Writing and English. Introduces advanced automotive technologies, and covers hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle systems and advanced automotive electronics. Prerequisite: ART 120 or equivalent course or school approval. Chiles served as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer, and magazine and website editor-in-chief during his years in journalism, winning nearly 20 major awards—including a 1992 Pulitzer Prize as part of a New York Newsday team. Susan Zanger represents influential and groundbreaking content creators including Aaron Mahnke, creator of the hit podcast Lore, now a major book series and worldwide streaming television show, in addition to celebrities, athletes, and lifestyle, business, and thought leaders, among others. They do have a website and facebook page. Prerequisite or Co-requisite: BIO 205. You can also go to and complete the Organ Donation form. Prerequisite or Co-requisite: ENG 111 or permission of instructor. Focuses on the pre-hospital assessment and management of patients in a specific population including pediatrics, geriatrics, obstetrics/gynecology (OB/GYN), bariatric, abuse, sexual assault, and special needs. Traces the evolution of practices based on philosophies of retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation. Highlights the evolution of financial statement reporting, the conceptual framework, and GAAP analysis. Prerequisites or Co-requisites: General education program courses and HIM 110, HIM 130, HIM 141, HIM 142, HIM 151, HIM 220, HIM 226, HIM 229, HIM 230, HIM 233, HIM 249, creative writing course qut HIM 250, HIM 255, and HIM 257. Introduces the student to and examines global preparedness from a transportation perspective. Prerequisite: Completion of AUT 101 - Introduction to Automotive Systems is preferred. Teaches resistive circuit analysis; Ohm's and Kirchoff's laws; nodal and mesh analysis; network theorems; and RC, RL, and RLC circuit transient response with constant forcing functions. Classes taught: Doctors & Disease, Patients & Prescriptions.

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Covers aspects of leadership, job management, work improvement, training and orientation, performance evaluation, and effective employee/supervisor relationships. Some of her favorite non-client fiction authors include Megan Abbott, Margot Livesey, Celeste Ng, and Tom Perrotta. These were even cheaper and more portable than the Hammond. Although in most cases embalming is not required by law, the majority of people arranging a funeral are convinced to include embalming. Provides students supervised on-the-job training in Information Systems Technology. Introduces a broad spectrum of philosophical problems and perspectives with an emphasis on the systematic questioning of basic assumptions about meaning, knowledge, reality, and values. The notion of system (or apparatus) relies upon the concept of vital or organic function:[1] a system is a set of organs with a definite function. Applies landscape theory and principles of drawing to the planning of large-scale landscape designs. Prerequisites: Experience in the automotive repair field, AUT 241, AUT 242, AUT 245, and AUT 230 or approval of the program head. Introduces analysis and design of steel, wood, and reinforced concrete structural members, including loads, reactions, bending moments, stresses, and deflection for selection of beam and column sizes. Focuses on treatment therapy models and ethical standards related to addiction-disease theory. The steam organ, or calliope, was invented in the United States in the 19th century. If it is decided to buy a coffin, consider buying a cheap cardboard one. Presents the techniques for diagnosis of malfunctions in systems of the automobile. Prerequisite: Placement in MTH 264 or completion of MTH 263 or equivalent with a grade of C or better. Presents techniques and methods for supporting all aspects of early literacy. Explores contemporary issues and practices in a highly participatory classroom environment. She holds a BA in Finance and a BA in Accounting.

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Write Now, Teen Writers Workshop, Young Writers Week, Teen Writers Week. Classes taught: Social Media for Writers, Twitter and Twitter Pitches, Writers Writing Press Releases, creative writing florida state university Creative Writing Camp for Adults. Prerequisites: INT 233 and INT 234 or program head placement. Covers contact lens insertion and removal techniques and basic slit lamp and keratometry skills.

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