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It reached the point that one day I blew my top and “went off” on my husband. I agree with that. They were easier under the age of 9! In fact, from a purely educational point of view, legibly writing down the answers (a physical skill) is a totally different task from solving the maths (a mental skill). Dad doesn’t like babysitting? I do recognize some of these things that we do go over at the beginning of Kindergarten just to make sure everyone has the basics, but I have found the majority of children coming into Kindergarten DO know these things, grade 6 creative writing rubric sometimes with the exception of some of the personal and social skills (which are VERY important!). If they excel in some of the areas on the list, working out while doing homework we have work that will extend their abilities and knowledge in that area and allow them to move forward, even if they are still working on other skills they are weak in. My mom and every other woman around me told me I would regret my decision not to have kids. Some of us aren’t as strong willed as you, I guess. Today was one the of very few days that I wondered about my decision. Ok Thelema…. I didn’t say I hate my kids cuz I don’t I just hate my life! Do I feel fantasticalicious all day? I have had people tell me, “You’ll be such a great mom. Furthermore, stating that adoptive parents ‘abducted’ the children is irresponsible. And btw, I’m not a single mom, though I feel like one since we work opposite shifts.) I love my little boy, but I got the difficult one!!! Then was very excited to try her shoe again. It is nice to know I am not the only woman who feels this way. THey didn’t ask for that! Here’s a fool proof plan, save the 500K you would have spent on child expenses, babysitters, college funds and invest it in to your retirement plan. Does that make it right? No, but that’s the reality of the matter. Many other countries are ahead on this.

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I am 46, and all of my married life of 25 years, I have been under pressure to have kids. By doing these things, your child will be ready for Kindergarten. I would be interested to know what states everyone are from that they send their children to schools who have the no homework policy. Then you can put up with the problems yourself and the teacher does not have to deal with your child who is out of place in her class. I can’t even complain to people I *thought* were my friends without them getting critical and judgmental. And I doubt u hav children because no, parents do not hav to envision waking up to think about nothing but the children and the rest of their lives and interests don’t immediately hav go to the wayside. Thank you everyone for your honest input on motherhood. How many days have you taken care of 30+ children with no assistance, and how many days have you observed classrooms? Girl, run. Run fast…. you are going to be a substitute mom. My question: Would you all enroll your kids if she already knew her ABC’s recognizes them all by association, counts to 20, knows number recognition up to 10, knows her colors, knows most shapes (we’re about to perfect it), plays well with others, when playing she tells me if she has been hit, (she uses her words..) We still need to work on her spelling her name, etc, holding a pencil right, painting, etc, we haven’t worked with a bunch of crafts etc. Are we still living in the 50’s??? I loved him so much but his dad was a loser. One way to encourage parents to read with their students is to make it “homework.” 5. I guess the above list is a nice thing to strive for, but it shouldn’t be the basis on whether or not a child gets to go to school or participate in a program (some of which I think are just made for people that think they have it all and have more money than they know what to do with), I have two grown children, three grandchildren and a two year old little boy.

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That’s like reading an anatomy book, and then calling yourself a surgeon. Every reason for procreating these days is completely self-serving and short-sighted and doesn’t look at the planet as a whole. Thank you! I can understand your feelings so well! You are right!!! Some women also have hemorrids & have to have it removed surgucally & if they can’t afford it they are embarrassed about it. And why are you so angry? She seems to be just giving her two cents that yes, my parents wont let me do my homework life will be different if you have children and if you hold on to your past life, of course you’ll be miserable -it’s now a different life, as with any major life change. My mom doesn’t know it yet, but this mother’s day we are sending her on a cruise. Afraid that someone might catch me slipping in my “duties”. Nursing homes are full of people who rarely have anyone visit them. Yet because I have no immediate family (died) and had the BEST parents, I have always thought I would one day recreate the ‘bond’ with someone else…by having a child. We have to be creative and fun, throw fabulous dinner parties (thanks, Martha Stewart) and adorable kids events, and still make every meal special. Those are all skills my daughter mastered before 3 years. Too many people forget that there is more to life than academics.” Yes! For those of you at the end of your rope, therapy can help you. It really affected everything in my life, to see myself looking old like that and so out of shape. I am not a selfish babyhating slut…I am just a normal, average woman who simply made a different choice.Don’t hate me for being childfree…and I promise not to judge you for being stressed and overwhelmed. I realize it seems overly negative, but I’m covering the more daunting and difficult aspects of motherhood. I gained 70 lbs, trying to find attire professional enough for my job was horrid, I felt ugly my inner resentment towards this new life grew with my belly.

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Anyone that does not have experience with the topic of being a Mom should save themselves the humiliation of speaking from lack of experience. I am so happy that I never had any, and never will. I love her but can’t see past being a mum to show my love for her. Yes, creative writing stories on heroes my daughter is getting so much help, EVERY imaginable help from therapists, school, siblings, me, my husband. Children “read” their parents and know what is going on. I must reiterate-unless you have walked in another person’s shoes, you have no idea what they are going through. I would definitely tell you stick with what you feel. I think I would be a great mom, a fun mom in certain moments, but generally speaking, kids and kid-related stuff bores the crap out of me. It sounds like every stay/work at home moms day is very similar to mine. I would suggest, as a class, planting a garden and having all the kids work together on it; watering them and watching them grow. I feel the exact same way. How do you feel good when you are always having to tell someone ‘No, don’t!’ It sucks in so many ways. Have a relationship with him. Be interested in life and he will too. Weigh out all the options. Whether you see it or not..there IS a way that having your child benefited you in some way.

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